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Who We Are

This is our little corner of the World Wide Web!!!

We are Brian and Ursula. We trained as teachers in Manchester at De La Salle and Sedgley Colleges of Education respectively from 1967 to 1970. We are both teachers in local primary schools.

We were married in St Joseph's Church, Hartlepool in August 1972. We spent our honeymoon in Scarborough before leaving for Zambia to teach in a Secondary School in a little village about 60 miles from the capital of Lusaka.

We have lived in Scarborough, North Yorkshire since April 1975 on returning from our tour in Zambia. We arrived in Zambia childless and came back to Britain with two lovely children - this number has now increased to six! (Ursula says she is too old to have any more!! - And I haven't got enough money!!)

Our children are Elisha, Brian, Martin, Bernadette, Patricia and Sinead. They have brought a lot of joy into our lives and have kept us young at heart, but have given us lots of grey hairs!!

Elisha married Neil in October 1998. They live down in the south of England.

Our other children are busily doing their own thing!!

Friday 16th January 2004, we have been blessed with our first grandchild - Mia Gracie, daughter to Martin and Zoe.

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Why not send us an email?